Thursday, June 19, 2008

Steadying influences

Some experiences make you feel as if you were trying to balance yourself on a board resting on a ball that is on a slippery deck of a sinking ship. Love, failed scientific experiments and miscalculations of a personal or business nature. We build foundations on different things. I tend to be a risk-taker, heading toward an adventure without worrying about the worst outcome; instead, I subscribe to the ooglelee wooglelee world of what-is-the-universe-trying-to-show-me. I enjoy discovering things that matter to me and three other people, and sometimes, to no one else. This excites me.
I am finally delving into the world of technology - I dabbled before, but, now, finding that the most steadying influence for me will be my work, I know that technology will save me from pointless interactions and disagreements with other earthlings. Sure, I will still pretend to live amongst you and may even smile as we are jostled and accidentally bump into each other on the train, but I will really be dreaming about hooking up machines to other machines in order to make them do my bidding.
Recording words and music will replace the antiquated ritualistic actions called socializing. This is part of the evolution of my nerddom. I have rediscovered myself as the worker ant that I have been since childhood - always preparing for an imaginary court case, interview with the famous dead who I admired or getting ready for that all important spelling bee.
I will be home all weekend, save for a short break to attend a gathering with other humans of the female gender who wish to engage in small talk in order to pass some time in the middle of the afternoon in a harmless manner. Before and after this event, I will be home sorting, organizing, and talking shop with other nerds who graduated/evolved before me.

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