Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the Love Column. Fresh advice daily about love sensuality

In the first weeks, we are enthralled with each other's beauty from every angle.
Find those elements that enrich the union and return to them as often as possible.
Eliminate elements that fray the excitement.

Talk about mundane things sucks energy out of the room. Momentum requires momentum
If conflicting modes of organization create strife, pool your financial resources and hire a maid, buy a dishwasher, etc.

Work on a project together once in a while because work is sexy and watching your lover in his flow is a great aphrodisiac.
A constant feed of subtle sensuality in your individual life will spill over into your interactions with your lover.
Colors, flavors, smells, sounds that evoke gentle beauty serve to enhance sensitivity in all areas and to inspire.
Conversations at dusk, flowers, berries with raw honey, soft music, dancing before breakfast.

all tested and true to strengthen love if there is love there


William Wren said...

excellent work

Sara said...

Yummy ideas! Glad to have found your blog!