Saturday, June 21, 2008

Acquisition and maintenance

I was wondering out loud this morning in my supersleepy state about people who know how to acquire great things and don't know how to hold on to them. I watch them and wonder if I am more talented on the acquisition side or the maintenance side. 
From my haphazard semisociological observations, I can see that some hunter/gatherers do no maintenance. They stockpile stuff in their respective cages and run out to get some more stuff, never glancing back. The only thing I have stockpiled in my life are books and clothes. I have never been a collector of any specific thing and don't understand the mindset at all. 
There are extraordinarily beautiful objects in the world that I can stare at and allow to wash over me enthralling and twirling my mind about as if I had had a strong shot of whiskey. But to take that object home and research how to get others like it would never enthrall as much as leaving the object in its natural habitat. I walk away without having to worry about how to get it home and what kind of polish to use.
Some people throw their Picassos one on top of the other in moldy basements without a care in the world about perserving the aspects of that thing that made it great.
I am still thinking if I am good at maintenance; I think I am as long as that thing doesn't take up too much room

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