Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've got the right to do nothing

©2011 Odilia Rivera Santos

I started this particular blog to slow down my life. At its inception, I was a busy bee, living and working in Harlem. I worked nine to five with adult English as a Second Language students, ran on my lunch break, went to the gym at 6a.m. and then, took on a part-time teaching position at night working with happy immigrants. As you might suspect, my nervous system felt as if someone had put it in a frying pan on full heat to burn to a crisp. A friend of mine told me years ago I needed to let God do some work too. I always believed in a universal spirit energy that binds us all together along with what we deem inanimate objects.
But my friend got me thinking my God might occasionally need a solid form. I wondered how my God should love, look, what kind of accent he/she should have, and I figured gender could be a changeable thing - perhaps, the best approach being to give a gender in accordance with what I viewed as issues handled best by a male or female.
I sometimes dressed God up as Alfie, Michael Caine's verson, and imagined a sermon in a cockney accent, or as Zora Neale Hurston, in her boastful pose from her semi-autobiographical autobiography Dirt Tracks on a Road, and once in a while, I let Miles Davis take the reins but I watched him closely.
It has been said momentum creates momentum and if you want something done, it's best to ask a busy person and all that. But I have a feeling busy-ness implies faithlessness, a belief only I am at work in all of this and not God, in a cool 1960s suit, flowing white robes, Sunday best hat ready for church in 1930s Florida or back to a diaphanous industrial strength thread keeping us secured to one another in times of doubt and in spiritual droughts.

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