Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love doesn't exist but if it did

Odilia Rivera Santos

have to admit i wouldn't mind if you loved me
we take turns to exchange rejection and to waste time
there is safety in love even if you don't believe
stasis causes panic when you want the world to move
faster and faster on your axis
something to be said for holding each other
but you might miss a party downtown
on a slow day, we'd watch people chase and dream
but would that not be watching ourselves?
- or losing out?
you would want to kiss me and touch my hair
as i twist it up to go corporate for work
and you'd probably ask if i always
conceal myself and become invisible or if i always
smell of almonds, roses, and jasmine.
we would run through all the phases of love
sleepless and tired and not forgiving
and it would cool into something worth your, my while
but the noise and chatter beckon
some thing pulls at the sinews of a moment
and the fine threads land at our feet
in the shower and swirl with the bubbles
and water to another place and another
and another.

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