Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just an aside

Odilia Rivera Santos

i am proud but still sensitive - not prone to fall
in or out of delicate situations like love
and how we slip
through each other's ephemeral dreams
tells a story too.

we were never real
but you
rooted to here and now
and this and that and and and
dot dot dot

and remember, its in ordinary time

you let go
- not cause you don't care but because you weren't looking
of the string at the end of my kite
and made me cry

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1 comment:

Andre Marsden said...

I don't usually comment on your writing but I just had to say: This is such a tender little poem. It starts off strong, which is what I usually expect; and somewhere in the middle turns confusion or maybe just exasperation.

But that last stanza? That is just magical. The strong, wild kite. The fragile, barely there kite string.

I really enjoyed this.