Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Be honest in love. Those four words are the rubix cube of humanity!

You meet her or him; smart, funny, likes to do stuff you like to do; physically appealing or even what you consider beautiful

your first thought might be: how do I get her/ him?
But ladies and gentlemen, that is a question that can easily set off the Machiavellian center in your brain - you know, the part where amorality rules.

How do I get her / him?) sets off a series of behavior akin to emotional purchases at Best Buy for gadgets you'll never use, as your bills go unpaid. Think of the fundamentals, the real stuff of life.

I have seen men and women go vegetarian, go vegan, go monogamous, do yoga, watch football, go to poetry slams, and eat red meat all to connect with what they imagine to be their love.

After you fall in with each other under these false pretenses, things will begin to unravel. You'll carry that yoga mat like it's a rifle, chew the vegetarian hot dog like a dog chews a plastic toy soaked in chilli sauce, the red meat will constipate, you'll slip in earplugs cleverly hiding them under your hair and watch the slam poets arms without caring about their words, etc

Do you, whatever you is, and let that one pass if he or she is does not jive with who you really are because disentangling from an entanglement can be painful and slow even if it is the right thing for both parties.

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