Wednesday, November 26, 2008

in Cuba, ...

a woman and hand puppet dance to an Afro-Cuban beat.

puppet: "you're mad beautiful."

woman: "oh yeah ... even with my broken nose; I just broke my nose, ya know."

puppet: "Yeah...the nose is fine. If you were living near me, I wouldn't be talking about dating; I would be talking about getting married."

woman: "Why won't you let me turn you, come on!"

puppet: "Women aren't supposed to turn men on the dance floor. I can tell you're a total salsera."

a black woman passes by with long braids and smiles at the couple

woman: "She looks beautiful with braids; don't you think"

puppet: "She's nothing, man. You're really a good dancer. I never met a Puerto Rican woman like you."

woman: "What do you mean nothing? That's a fucked-up thing to say about another human being."

puppet: "Oh, you have to ruin the moment."

woman: "Were you having a moment?"

puppet: "You gotta come out with that feminist shit - excuse me; that was wrong. I should say feminist stuff."

woman:" No, don't correct yourself. If you mean shit, say shit."

puppet: "Why did you go to a white girl school?"

woman: "Where did that come from?"

puppet: "The rest of us go to schools where you don't learn anything. The average kid doesn't wanna leave home to go to school. How come you're different?"

woman: "First of all, I'm a woman, not a kid. And second of all, my mother taught me to be independent so leaving home was not traumatic. Watch your hand; leave it on my waist, thanks."

puppet: "Oh, come on. You've been watching me for a while. I saw how you looked at me; you want me. How come you don't come up to me and talk?"

woman: "I was staring at you cause you were staring at me. I do that sometimes."

puppet: "No, come on. Admit it. You're attracted to me."

woman:" You're an attractive guy. I have a boyfriend."

puppet: "Who do you date? Geniuses?"

woman:"Yes, that's what I look for in a man. He has to be a genius; everything else eventually falls into place."

puppet: "Is he Puerto Rican?"

woman: "He's Irish-American'"

puppet: "Damn! I knew it! That's fucked up!"

woman: "Do you hate European-Americans?"

puppet: "Do you always talk like that? All academic and shit?"

woman: "No, I use the word fuck at least three times a week, so I can keep it real."

puppet: "My family would straighten you out, man."

woman: "How would they do that? I think my mother would straighten you out. I gave up on racial and ethnic purity long ago  before birth as a matter of fact. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? There are a lot of white people in your lineage. You're not "pure" anything."

puppet: "What do you look for in a man?"

woman: "A man has to be physically-fit, can't drink at all cause I hate the smell of alcohol, no drugs, monogamous, brilliant, and a bunch of other stuff. You drink a lot. Rum smells awful."

puppet: "Damn, you really know how to get loose!"

woman: "What is that supposed to mean?" she says angrily.

puppet: "I didn't mean anthing bad . . . just that you really know how to dance."

woman: "We're only dancing, so don't get any ideas."

puppet: "Damn."

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