Sunday, October 26, 2008

Decluttered and found books, songs and languages

The truth is that I veered off the road, but not to avoid hitting a deer. I did it to avoid doing what I've been avoiding. Again, I fell into a hole full of the kind of viper that attempts to suck all the energy out of me because it wants something I have. Some vipers have warmth in their eyes and an occasionally kind smile, but their viperdom cannot be denied or overlooked. Closing your eyes for too long is asking for trouble, anything beyond a superficial pat on the head is trouble too.
In this world of leisure and less stress, less strain, less breaking keys off in locks, I have to avoid those chaos makers who seem to be full of excitement and interesting ideas but are really just full of chaos that overflows and swirls around confusing intentions, which were sorted out prior to stirring their nests.
Last night, I was in bed early with a warm blanket and the clank of the washing machine working hard to get the brie smell off my bag. I studied French with an online program and settled in deep to the quiet without worry if a little one was coiled around my ankle as I awoke out of a long-standing sleep

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