Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No is such a rich luxurious word

No is the word I will be using a lot this season; it's hipper than a big white designer bag and more fun than an all-expenses paid trip to Paris. I read in my horoscope that it is a bad idea to do for others what they should be doing for they own damn selves. This, I believe, would fall into the category of using others' entangled shenanigans to overlook one's own entangled shenanigans. I am doing a lot of writing and reading - they act as an invisible fence around my property.
My brain is my mansion, writing and reading is the electrified fence and my eagerness to be productive is the crazed puppy who gonna get electrocuted if it tries to leave the property again. Fact is everybody and their mother wants me to work for free and I have to be an intelligent business woman. My translation, writing, and thinking skills are worth money, so I will never again be doing volunteer work at three locations on the same day simply to be 'productive.'
Sometimes productivity looks like getting a tan, lying on the bed watching the comedy channel, not answering the phone or 1000 emails and not going somewhere when going somewhere doesn't matter.
Sometimes, productivity looks like reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee and doing all those other things you thought were boring when you were three years old.
Mmm, the answer is still no

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