Thursday, August 26, 2010

Have I written you, blues?

Odilia Rivera Santos

slow the process and the truth comes out. i am traveling light without trailing anything behind me that could trip me up because it is, in essence, all about intuition.
running as a sport awakens intuition; running as a lifestyle dulls intuition and it can't cut through the bullshit anymore
truths are spoke gently most of time and we hope to be sincere and to have others be sincere unto us
slow the process to sort the truths as they come out. not running makes me strong and this is not to say that staying is the answer but that somewhere in between the run and the still or
maybe more toward one or the other, there is where i will be. i will be there in the hopes
of finding someone like you because i know the actual you will never make it

i paced that corridors and dreaded the inevitable. your face was plain devoid of all emotion and expectation as if you'd use some special kind of cleanser to erase history
there was no renovation to be made on this thing between us after we done stomped on it and threw it off the rooftop

you visit me with dead flowers in your hands
and they're always dead
i realize it is you
i wonder what it is about you . . .
what is it about you that kills flowers.

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