Thursday, July 22, 2010

A moment in a movie

Odilia Rivera Santos

it felt like a day to be naked,
skinny dipping not concerned
not ogling each other
just there to express the primal
and its tendencies
and I tested your lips to see
how much bite you could endure
before admonishing me
for being mean.
your hand slid up and down my leg
with grunts perceptible only to those
looking to listen.
on the radio, when I was looking to listen.
the filmmaker with a pencil mustache
who made movies you could smell
back in the eighties
- you remember the one -
spoke about hot horny love
and how it should never cease.
I thought him brave
and strange
to refuse to imbibe the fable
of lifelong fidelity, interest and love.
and then, there are those who fall
in and are swallowed whole
by a multitude of fables, happy
to be caught and finally still.
We can,
from either side,
wonder what would have been.

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