Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Foremost in my mind when I think of love is the fear of losing love.
I seek the thrill of the first moments of a profound union in which we speak about what makes us us, what makes us excited, joyful and how with engage with the world.
those conversations in a cafe where you mention that my eyelids are beautiful and my hands elegant and I notice the gentleness of your words - without jagged pieces in descriptive language. A powerful kindness. A powerful gentleness. A powerful silence with a smile.
There would be no fear here of another embrace, not a chance that I'd hear that I'm kissing you too much or that it would not be proper to embrace again after we started to walk away.
We become furniture or old shoes to each other with a reaffirmation each day that there is no chance of abandonment.
Comfort not being lack of passion but lack of unnecessary dramas.
We save the drama for the stage when we produce some scenes for an audience.
Together, there is only peace and projects and no need for forgiveness and excitement that flutters underneath the surface and lots and lots of lingering moments in the bath.

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