Thursday, November 6, 2008

Synchronicity is a fantastic thing, no worries

Nothing seems more absurd to me than the idea of there being a letdown after the election. I see the Obama win as a gracious gazelle-like leap for humankind, without the apprehensions some have about being disappointed. A person who combines humility, diplomacy and brilliance can get a lot done in a short period of time. An adherence to one's own code of ethics, a universal code of ethics also solidifies your place and your life.
Aiming for perfection is a ruse that can lure one into that dank favorite place of the intellectual masturbator - cynicism.
Everything fell into place and things seem to work out for the best when people keep their eyes on the prize and focus their intellectual energies on finding solutions, not creating drama, detachment, or on being the first to report or see the mistakes that are inevitable in all human endeavours.

What a wonderful project and how therapeutic the work to mend what can be mended and to abandon those things that can only bring more strife.

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