Thursday, August 28, 2008

Musings on not being wanted and bowing out gracefully

Sometimes, there are individuals with whom one no longer feels any kinship. It has nothing to do with silences at lunch because I love silence at meals, or not being super-excited to be next to whomever it is your disassociating yourself from. It has to do with looking at that person and saying, "Hm, you're one-dimensional; there's not one bit of improvisation inside there?"

This is the first spark of the awakening of the death knell of a relationship, romantic or otherwise. Intellectual curiousity is the most beautiful admirable thing next to actually knowing stuff about stuff and making it matter to others when you speak of it.

I listened to my phone messages the other day, listening to the voices of two people, with whom I no longer speak, for what it was that made me spend more than five minutes talking to them.
It is strange; you let your guard down sometimes and fools rush in. It is fine to not be wanted and it is fine to not want - been and am on either end.
I am enjoying these ponderings while looking at the skyline from my window.
I hope my loved ones are enjoying theirs and to those who I don't love I say
Good luck with everything and leave messages on my answering machine only if you find that cathartic in some way because I delete messages from people, with whom I no longer want a connection, without listening to them. Pun intended.

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