Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cryptic, Spastic and Vague

Today, the weather was gummy and I loved it because it was not winter. My hair exploded but in my neighborhood, that's a good thing. A man was mouthing to me "Are you married?" as I picked the right orange. I was wearing my earplugs, which I like to do at lunchtime even if I'm not listening to music - the earplugs are my way of saying I am off-duty: I'm not the encyclopedia, researcher, translator, Dr. Scratch with herbal cures or the patient Mother Teresa girlfriend. I am a wandering soul who is not interested in exchanging energies. 
If you want to tell me who I look like, you hafta wait til I'm back on duty. I paid attention to everything today: the huge tired-looking rats in the subway, how my friend's eyes welled with tears as I sang a fake Chinese opera song, and the scratchy voices on my answering machine. 

I am in bed, watching TV because I can't sleep since the mouse moved in; he's dragging his furniture around and it seems that we shop at the same places. We both have a nose for good olives and frozen berries. 

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