Thursday, May 22, 2008

Proactive, superactive, disactivated

Odilia Rivera Santos

God is gonna throw me a bone any minute. Something wonderful will happen without my having to work extremely hard, some kind of osmosis situation that will benefit me and humankind. Working at two hundred miles an hour doesn't work for me anymore; there's no thrill in not being able to breathe and stop to see what kind of games children are inventing in the street, or to indulge in chit chat at the local Starbucks. There is a reason I chose to live close to work - it's that small-town girl wanting things to be less complicated. 
I finished my novel and now, I have to print it out and see if I still like it. I will do a public reading soon. There is that struggle sometimes - cause sometimes, I want to be an agoraphobic child with her marbles in her pockets, looking out the window at children playing below....thinking about going downstairs with jump rope in hand with pockets full of marbles but then, thinking better of it, climbing into bed with the Greek tragedies instead.

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